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About Steve Steinberg
Steve's Media Kit
baseball_personalities/ 31 pages
Helene Britton
Wild Bill Donovan
Wild Bill Donovan - How the Yankee Manager Gained his Baseball Experience
Ray Caldwell
Ray Caldwell - The Hard Luck Pitcher
Stan Coveleski
Stan Coveleski - A Good Word for the Spit Ball
Dave Danforth
Phil Douglas
Lee Fohl
Lee Fohl - Lee Fohl's Unique Career
Milt Gaston
Burleigh Grimes
Burleigh Grimes - The Ace of National League Hurlers
Robert Lee Hedges
Rogers Hornsby
Mark Koenig
Mark Koenig - The Star of the Late World Series
John McGraw
John Picus Quinn
John Picus Quinn - The Oldest Veteran in the Major Leagues
Del Pratt
Jacob Ruppert
Babe Ruth
Babe Ruth - An Insoluble Problem? What to Pitch to Babe Ruth
Bob Shawkey
Bob Shawkey - The Veteran of the Yankee Hurling Staff
George Sisler
George Sisler - Did the American League Blunder?
Ed Walsh
Ed Walsh - Star Pitchers- Father and Son
miller_huggins/ 3 pages
Who was Miller Huggins? Why is he Significant?
The Man Who Led the Yankees to Their First Pennant
Miller Huggins' Last Flag
urban_shocker/ 4 pages
Who was Urban Shocker? Why is he Significant?
An Overview of the Career of Urban Shocker
Free Agency in 1923- A Shocker for Baseball
Urban Shocker: One of the Great Pitchers of 1920
features/ 6 pages
John McGraw's Search for a Jewish Ballplayer
Double Suicide Squeeze
A New Defense Against Ruth
Hit by Pitcher
Bio Project
great_baseball_books/ 23 pages
The New Bill James Historical Baseball Abstract
Sunday Baseball: The Major League' Struggle to Play Baseball on the Lord's Day, 1876-1934
The Unforgettable Season
The Summer of '49
Where They Ain't: The Fabled Life and Untimely Death of the Original Baltimore Orioles
After Many a Summer: The Passing of the Giants and Dodgers and a Golden Age in New York Baseball
Taking on the Yankees: Winning and Losing in the Game of Baseball
Ghosts in the Gallery: Sixteen Little-Known Members of the Hall of Fame
A Game of Inches: The Stories behind the innovations that shaped Baseball
The Case for those Overlooked by the Baseball Hall of Fame
Havana Heat
Baseball: The Golden Age
The Glory of Their Times
Ty Cobb: His Tumultuous Life and Times
Babe: Legend Comes to Life
Big Sticks
My Baseball Diary
The Celebrant
Classic Baseball Photography, 1869-1947
Baseball as I have Known It
The Crooked Pitch
The Pitch That Killed
Time and Again
other_trick_pitches/ 3 pages
The Jealous Shine Ball
About Trick Pitching
Trick Pitches
damon_runyon/ 9 pages
Damon Runyon on Courage
Damon Runyon on Hal Chase and the Game's Greatest Fielding First Basemen
Matty Changes his Style
Damon Runyon on Who's the Greatest Pitcher: Christy Mathewson, Grover Cleveland Alexander, or Walter Johnson?
Does the Game Make the Player or Does the Player Make the Game?
Amateurism is Overdone
Damon Runyon on John McGraw
Damon Runyon on Manager Styles
Damon Runyon on the 1917 Chicago White Sox: Trick Ball Pitchers
ford_frick/ 1 pages
Ford Frick on Great Pitchers
grantland_rice/ 2 pages
Grantland Rice on Great Pitchers
Grantland Rice on Speedy Hurlers and Fast Ball Pitching
spring_training/ 2 pages
Boston Red Sox Spring Training
Hot Springs, Arkansas
steve_with_baseball_personalities/ 10 pages
Yogi Berra
Ernie Harwell
Billy Rogell
Gene Karst
Mike Marshall
Frank Haraway
Bob Broeg
Tommy Henrich
Paul Hopkins
Campy Campaneris
the_spitball/ 2 pages
Grandfathered Spitball Pitchers
Spitballer's Database
articles_on_the_spitter/ 6 pages
Larry Cheney's New Spitball Makes Him One of the Stars of the National League
Clark Griffith on the Spitball
DEADLY SPIT BALL A Doctor's Protest Against the Filthy and Dangerous Practice
THE SPIT BALL Renewed Protest By Manager Fielder Jones Notwithstanding the Possession of a Great Spit Ball Pitcher the Chicago Manager Declares That this Delivery Injures Base Ball
This is an interview with Hod Eller, shine ball expert, re-published in THE LITERARY DIGEST, September 18, 1920
Difference Of Opinion As To Its 1907 Use Veteran Pitchers Fighting Shy of It Owing to Its Destructiveness
famous_pitchers_dabbling_in_the_spitter/ 1 pages
Famous Pitchers Dabbling in the Spitter
for_or_against_the_spitter/ 2 pages
Speaking Out For the Spitter
Speaking Out For the Spitter
frank_shellenbeck_talks_about_the_spitter/ 5 pages
Difference Of Opinion As To Its 1907 Use Veteran Pitchers Fighting Shy of It Owing to Its Destructiveness
Legalize Spitter, Shellenback Urges
Why the Spit Ball Should Be Abolished
The Vanishing Spit Ball
The Spitter Hits the Trail
origins_of_the_spitball_19th_century/ 5 pages
Orings of the Spitball 19th Century - 19th Century?
Orings of the Spitball 19th Century - More on 19th Century Spitballers
Orings of the Spitball 19th Century - 19th Century Spitballers Revisited
Orings of the Spitball 19th Century - The Origin of the Spit Ball
Orings of the Spitball 19th Century - The Man who Invented the Spitball.In the 19th Century
origins_of_the_spitball_20th_century/ 3 pages
rigins of the Spitball 20th Century: The Origin of the Spitball
Origins of the Spitball 20th Century: 1920 Letter on the Origin of the Spitball
Origins of the Spitball 20th Century: The Demise of the Spitter in the 1920's...and it's Rebirth
overview_of_the_spitter/ 5 pages
The Spitter and the End of the Deadball Era Synopsis, Part 1
The Spitter and the End of the Deadball Era Synopsis, Part 2
Spitball: How It's Thrown
Spitball: Hitting the Spitter
Spitball: Then & Now
tidbits/ 5 pages
Just 36 Fans Paid to See Yanks and Athletics Play at Shibe Park
The Rookie who Beat the 1927 Yankees.Five Times!
Urban Shocker Stars in SimSeries
Broken Bats
Mystery Bats in 1922
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Audio Interviews
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Miscellaneous Photos
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Video Interviews
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Steve's Awards
Matty and the Browns: A Window Onto the AL-NL War (1901 - 1902)
in_the_works/ 3 pages
The Genius of Hug
Shocker! Discovering a Silent Hero of Baseball's Golden Age
1921/ 3 pages
What Sports Authors, Commentators, and Historians are Saying about 1921
1921 Interview with Steve Steinberg and Lyle Spatz
1921 Ten Intriguing Facts...Plus One
baseball_in_st_louis/ 3 pages
St. Louis Hall-of-Famers
Baseball in St. Louis Top 10 Facts
Steve Talks About Baseball in St. Louis (pdf)
whats_new/ 8 pages
What's New Fall/Winter 2011
What's New Spring/Summer 2011
Spatz and Steinberg's '1921' is Awarded the 2011 Seymour Medal
Steuben Event
Casel Stengel Program at the Museum of the City of New York
2011 Update on Steve's Book 1921