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Steve chats with Brian Kenny on MLB about his book (co-authored with Lyle Spatz), "The Colonel and Hug"
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Steve chats with Matt Vasgersian and Eric Byrnes on MLB Central about his new book
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Steve appears on Chris Russo's "High Heat" on the MLB Network

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Miller Huggins

Read Steveís new bio of Miller Hugginson SABRís BioProject website.


Steveís 20-minute interview with sports executive Pat Williams
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Bergino Baseball Clubhouse

Steve's 60-minute Podcast Program at Bergino


Steve contributes to the MLB Now segment with the Astros' mgr. A.J. Hinch, talking about the Astros' playoff chances and bunting against defensive shifts.
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SLA Interview (Steve talks about his approach to research, and more)


Steve and Lyle
A Conversation with Steve and Lyle:


Spatz and Steinberg's '1921' is Awarded the 2011 Seymour Medal



The Colonel and Hug won the 2016 SABR Baseball Research Award


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Lyle Spatz and I are pleased to announce the publication of our second collaboration:

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For the first time, the story of Colonel Jacob Ruppert, who bought the New York Yankees 100 years ago, in 1915, and Miller Huggins, the manager he hired late in 1917, is told. These fascinating men, the urbane, wealthy owner of the nationís largest brewery and the cerebral baseball lifer, embarked on a unique partnership that laid the foundation for what would become the nationís greatest sports franchise, the New York Yankees. Read more...


"This relationship between owner and manager is what shines throughout the narrative. Though they were from two different worlds, they combined their efforts to change the game of baseball...a well-researched treasure of a book that not only chronicles the two men behind the game's most iconic team, but the nation they helped shape as well. A top-notch sports biography."
Read the entire review here...

This book was a 2015 finalist for the CASEY Award, the Seymour Medal, and the Readers' Choice Award of Baseball Caucus of the Special Libraries Association.

I'm glad you stopped by www.stevesteinberg.net. This site focuses on my research, writing and publishing, most of which revolve around the history of our National Pastime, the game of Baseball.

As I approached the age of 50, my world turned upside down when my career in retail came to an end. It was then that I discovered my passion for baseball's past, especially the people who took part in it. Within each one of them lies a story of significance and a vital part of the game's memories. My role has been to help rekindle those memories, to bring them back to life.

Steve with Yogi Berra
(l-r), Toni, Mollett (Casey Stengel's grandniece), Dave Kaplan (Director of Yogi Berra Museum and Learning Center), Yogi Berra (seated), and Steve Steinberg

Time travel is possible. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Whether you access it from a book, photograph, film, web site, or the Dakota apartments, it can be done. Time and Again. It takes a special mix of believing and suspending belief. The rewards are beyond measure.

In the past few years, I have made acquaintances with people in their 80s and 90s, who remember baseball in the 1920s. New friends, old friends. They are not simply links to the past; they facilitate my travel to that past.

Many of my friends do indeed live in the `teens and 1920s. I visit their world with respect and awe. It is a world of a stick and a ball and a vast expanse of grass. While things around the ballpark have changed beyond belief, the world within has stayed the way it was.

Books, articles, and research projects are taking shape in my mind every day. I hope you stay here a while and see what I see, a timeless world of a perfect game, and the people who took part in it.

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