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  • John McGraw's Search for a Jewish BallplayerIn order to offset the Yankees' surge in popularity led by Babe Ruth, McGraw wanted to land a Jewish star for his New York Giants.
  • Double Suicide SqueezeA thrilling play, almost incomprehensible today, was used as a weapon in the Deadball Era.
  • A New Defense Against RuthThe first time a team made a radical defensive switch against a hitter. The year was 1920, and the hitter was Babe Ruth.
  • Hit by PitcherA 1913 discussion of the dangers of being hit by a pitch and baseball's good fortune that no major leaguer had been killed by a pitch. [While a batter was killed in 1920, Ray Chapman remains the only big leaguer to be killed on a ballfield.
  • BioProjectThe Bio Project is an ambitious undertaking by members of SABR, the Society for American Baseball Research. Click the link to read more...
  • Trivia