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Great Baseball Books

With the end of the baseball season, what better way to pass the time during the 'hot-stove league' (off-season) than with some great baseball writing. Here are a dozen terrific books on baseball in the early 20th century. I hesitate to say 'Top Ten' because there are many good ones out there. This list is a mix of books of different types and genres, and they are complementary to each. Taken together, they would make a great start to a baseball library. Those that are out of print are often available on or

More Great Baseball Books
12 Great Baseball Books

Seymour, Harold
Baseball: The Golden Age

Curran, William
Big Sticks

Farrell, James T.
My Baseball Diary

Greenberg, Eric Rolfe
The Celebrant

Quigley, Martin
The Crooked Pitch

Sowell, Mike
The Pitch that Killed

Finney, Jack
Time and Again