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SABR National Convention, Philadelphia, August 2, 2013

"Uncle Robbie Moves to Brooklyn," Friday, August 2, 3:00pm

Steve’s Presentation "Uncle Robbie Moves to Brooklyn" on Legendary New York Giants Manager and Beloved Brooklyn Dodger Manager Wilbert Robinson, SABR National Convention, Philadelphia Marriott Downtown

Wilbert Robinson, the beloved longtime manager of the Brooklyn Dodgers (affectionately known as the Robins during his years there, 1914-1931), left his position as coach of the New York Giants after the 1913 World Series and became the manager of the Brooklyn Dodgers later that fall. The circumstances surrounding his departure from his former teammate and business partner, Giants manager John McGraw, were shrouded in mystery for years, until stories of a rift between the two men emerged decades later. Steve compares and contrasts the contemporary accounts of Robbie’s change of jobs with what really happened, revealing a better understanding of this complicated man, McGraw, and his old friend, Robinson.

This is Steve’s third presentation in the past couple of years delving into the brilliant yet volatile John McGraw, one of the game’s greatest managers and most compelling personalities.

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