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Steve's Books Mentioned in the Press

  • Origin Stories by Nicholas Frankovich
    from National Review
    "Steinberg and Spatz could have added Barrow to the Yankees’ innermost circle of two, the Colonel and Hug, and made it a triumvirate of tough-minded, like-minded baseball architects, but Barrow’s definitive biography has already been published, like this book, by Nebraska, the gold standard for baseball history." (PDF file)
  • The Yankee Traders: An unlikely duo spawns a baseball dynasty
    from The Weekly Standard
    "The Colonel and Hug explores that remarkably fruitful relationship in a meticulous account brimming with quotes from the period. Some believe the Yankees’ acquisition of Babe Ruth—arguably the greatest player of all time—was what transformed the Yankees. Ruppert declared in 1931 that 'getting him was the first and most important step we took toward making the Yankees champion.' But the 'him' he was referring to was Miller Huggins, not Babe Ruth."
  • Architects of the Yankees dynasty
    from the Tampa Tribune
    “The research for this book is outstanding, but not surprising. Steinberg is a baseball historian and Spatz has authored or edited several baseball biographies. Throw in a foreword by former Yankees public relations man (and current prominent Yankees historian) Marty Appel, and The Colonel and Hug just brims with plenty of fascinating information and detail. . . Steinberg and Spatz present the reader with a palette of good writing, putting baseball into the context of the times. Prohibition, the fight to host Sunday baseball, gambling, World War I, New York’s politics and Tammany Hall, and the dogged newspaper coverage by New York’s sportswriters — all of these subjects are presented seamlessly. . . The Colonel and Hug explains admirably how the Yankees became the Yankees. Steinberg and Spatz draw heavily on their research to provide a readable, lively narrative."
  • The Washington Times
    “As in their previous collaboration, “1921: The Yankees, the Giants,
    and the Battle for Baseball Supremacy in New York,” Mr. Steinberg
    and Mr. Spatz are brilliant at setting baseball into its cultural
    setting. Prohibition, the battle over Sunday baseball (which
    transformed the game from a “speculative” business venture into a
    financially sound bet) and many other aspects of American life loom
    large in their tale. Especially strong is their intricate account of
    the Yankees‘ newspaper coverage during an era when some sports
    writers were themselves larger than life figures."
  • NY Times
  • Investors.com Investors Business Daily (PDF)
  • Christian Science Monitor
  • The New York Yankees Magazine has featured Steve's new book in their "Summer Reading List" 2015
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