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The Rookie who Beat the 1927 Yankees.Five Times!

The 1927 New York Yankees won 110 games and are considered one of the greatest teams of all time. Yet one pitcher beat them five times that year, and he was a rookie! Hod Lisenbee won 18 games in his inaugural season. The Yankees lost only 44 games that year. Here are the five games Lisenbee won against them:

April 25 5-4 win in relief

May 5 6-1 win over Urban Shocker

May 27 7-2 win over Herb Pennock

July 3 6-5 win over Urban Shocker

August 11 3-2 win over George Pipgras

On September 29, he went for his sixth victory over New York but lost to Urban Shocker, 15-4. Lisenbee won only 19 more game in his career, with his final win coming in 1945, when he was almost 47 years old.

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