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Spitballer's Database

The following spreadsheet lists the spitballers of the early 20th century. A surprisingly large number of hurlers used the pitch during the Deadball Era (1901-19), though few came close to the ability of Ed Walsh and Jack Chesbro. Those men are generally considered the early masters of the pitch.

This is an ongoing project, and as more references to other pitchers throwing 'the wet one ' are discovered, they will be added to the list. Please note:

  1. The Source is where reference to the use of the pitch is found.
    1. The Ballplayers refers to the book by that name (Mike Shatzkin, ed., Arbor House, 1990). While the book is currently out of print, it is available on the internet at www.baseballlibrary.com
    2. The 17 spitballers who were grandfathered and allowed to throw the pitch until the end of their careers are so noted in bold, on the right.
  2. The Career column is the range of years the pitcher was in the majors. It may not be consecutive; there may be some gaps of service within that range.

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