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'Grandfathered' Spitball Pitchers

From Martin Quigley, The Crooked Pitch, Algonquin, 1984, 1988. Chapter 14 of this book is entitled "The Once Honest, But for Long Crooked, Spitter and Its Various Nefarious Cousins." Quigley quotes from a 1955 George Hildebrand interview on the origin of the spitball.

The following pitchers were allowed to continue throwing the spitball until the end of their careers, even though the pitch was banned in early 1920. They are listed alphabetically, along with their 'sponsoring' club (their teams in 1920, which submitted their names for the exception) and their final year of pitching in the major leagues. Each team could sponsor a maximum of two pitchers.

National League:
1929 Bill Doak, St. Louis Cardinals
1922 Phil Douglas, New York Giants
1925 Dana Fillingim, Boston Braves
1920 Ray Fisher, Cincinnati Reds
1925 Marvin Goodwin, St. Louis Cardinals
1934 Burleigh Grimes, Brooklyn Dodgers
1932 Clarence Mitchell, Brooklyn Dodgers
1927 Dick Rudolph, Boston Braves
American League:
1921 Yancy ‘Doc’ Ayers, Detroit Tigers
1921 Ray Caldwell, Cleveland Indians
1928 Stan Coveleski, Cleveland Indians
1933 Urban ‘Red’ Faber, Chicago White Sox
1925 Hubert ‘Dutch’ Leonard, Detroit Tigers
1933 John Picus Quinn, New York Yankees
1925 Allen Russell, Boston Red Sox
1928 Urban Shocker, St. Louis Browns
1926 Allen Sothoron, St. Louis Browns


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