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Steve with Baseball Personalities

Campy Campaneris

Campy Campaneris (1942- ) A nineteen-year major-league veteran (1964-1983), “Campy” appeared in the postseason for the Oakland Athletics five straight years (1971-1975), including three World Series. After I joined SABR (Society for American Baseball Research) in 1999, my son Mat and I attended the SABR national convention in Scottsdale, AZ. One event the local chapter organized was a clinic for the kids of SBR attendees at Scottsdale Stadium. Mat was one of only a handful of kids at the convention; so he had a very personal session with Campy.

I think the parents, such as me, were more excited about the event than the kids were. I was struck by how lean and physically fit the former big-leaguer was, as he approached the age of fifty.

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